Covid followed by energy crisis

Covid followed by energy crisis reflections

I had a busy but none the less great summer, hope that goes for all of you.
With all the changes going on in the writers team, great changes I might add, I had a lot of stuff to process in my mind. Especially what purpose I want for my blog, where should it all lead to.

While swimming in the lake, it came to me, that I have already told you about my situation, how hard it can be to fight depression, anxiety and PTSD (PTSS).
My first purpose has already been fulfilled. I have told many examples of how it feels to wear these shoes, with the aim to tell everyone with the same feelings, that's it is okay to feel like this, that it's sickness that in many many cases can be helped and that everyone feeling like this should seek professional help.

I needed somewhat a new goal to pursue, and came to the conclusion that I want to share all my self taught methods to cope to get thru different situations.

Covid has already brought many people down on their knees mentally. 
Now we are going thru a huge energy crisis, which means many families struggle with their financial situation, and speculation thereof can lead to stress, sleepless nights and not to mention anxiety and depression.

I find many people have reached their limit. Many are still exhausted by Covid and the fact we couldn't go anywhere, we couldn't live our lifes in the normal way. 
And now we are facing the financial situation, scared of the next bill for heat, electricity and transportation, and as a result there of, many don't dare to spend money on anything. So we still do not travel, we still don't spend money eating out, going to the movies etc. The lack of hope to see anything positive happen in the future continues, this time its just caused by different circumstances.

What better way to use my bad experiences, than to try to help other people get thru sadness, disappointments, lack of hope, and in worst case anxiety and depression(?)

So from here on, that'll be my goal. I'll still tell stuff from my life, but at the same time focus more about how to cope.

Until next time; take care.

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